Dominator TLC-300   Lightning/Surge Protection
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The Dominator offers full breaker box protection to ensure the safety and security of your equipment. It can withstand an unlimited number of hits up to 106,00 amps and 3,000 joules per pole, and the indicator status light lets you know when the unit has sacrificed itself to save your equipment. Any component that does sacrifice itself can be replaced. Many farms have lighting protection installed. Many others have surge protection installed. A few have data/phone line protection. Unless you have all three, you will remain vulnerable. Lighting arrestors are not able to protect against surge issues, and surge capacitors are not able to protect against lightning. Neither of those will protect your controllers biggest weak spot- the phone/data line. The Dominator solves three issues. It is engineered to give a better protective edge against lighting and surges.

*Made in the USA